OUR MISSION: Provide clients with the keys to unlock financial opportunities.

Regina Mundi Global Advisors is present in North America, the European Union & United Kingdom, and Sub-Saharan Africa. Our team of advisors includes financial planners, legal consultants, media and marketing veterans, and efficiency professionals, all dedicated to building better businesses through both "hands on" work and strategic training. We each combine market-based solutions with social activism. Our collective focus is helping entrepreneurs with gross profits under $2M - those who seldom find the right assistance in the Big Four consultancy firms.

We offer you support for:

  • Market entry and product positioning
  • Regulatory compliance for trade and services across international borders
  • Designs of efficient venture organization for private and public contracts
  • Intellectual property protection in the major trading markets
  • Personnel management within and across borders
  • Reorganization and operational management of imperiled assets

Our compensation is directly related to our success in implementing your goals.  Your satisfaction is the guide we use when calculating our fees.  Our staff is compensated consistent with the rates set by the International Civil Service Commission (ICSC) and our Directors are compensated by you at a rate set separately in negotiations with you. Please refer to your Managing Director for more specific details relevant to your relationship with Regina Mundi.

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