Regina Mundi lives the values to which it asks others to aspire. Our Global Initiative Program sponsors an annual Global Scholar internship. The goal of the Global Initiative Program is to bring university students, Global Scholars, into contact with a cultural community completely unknown to them, and to mentor these students through a series of interactions within the culture, with the hope that personal relationships will be developed and bridges built between the different “worlds.” These bridges will encourage both the Global Scholar and the community to continue through time to communicate, trade, and experience the global community as a participant rather than a spectator.

Social Responsibility also includes direct giving and training. In North America, Europe , and Africa Regina Mundi targets its social responsibility programs to communities in need, and where market based solutions have a real opportunity to be successful . In North America Regina Mundi supports charities committed to young adults and the empowerment of entrepreneur development. In Africa, Regina Mundi assists young adults in education, athletics, and in unifying social causes such as wildlife preservation. Using curricula from proven programs such as Junior Achievement, Regina Mundi volunteers provide guidance and support for young adults seeking to develop the tools of independence through trade, business, and commerce. We form sponsorship circles of like-minded leaders who join together with us to sponsor promising young adults in athletics, scholarship, and business development.

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Below are some of the organizations we support:

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